Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Blood on the Door

The poem "Blood on the Door" reflects the cross of blood on a Pre-Jesus believer's door signaling Angels of the Lord to spare him from harm.       

Because I've recently begun to see Shadow People, I've been reflecting on other "paranormal" experiences I've had as well as the blood on my door that has kept me safe all along.      

One "paranormal" experience involves a Ouija board whose usage had the pointer crawling up the wall, a clean drop of blood falling on my friend's forehead with no mark on the ceiling above, no wound on her anywhere, a spirit knocking on the bathroom door when I was showering and saying "hurry up," another spirit trying to kill my friend by telling her to only drink tap water where the spirit herself had died from "dirty water" and more.  Though we disposed of the board, I developed shingles from shot nerves down my face that almost removed the sight in my left eye.  And strings of disastrous things have happened to me since.  I always accepted them as my trial, thanking God for them and remaining strong.

Nonetheless, with the recent Shadow People and things leaping from shelves, though both are common experiences during negative emotion, I wonder if I opened a portal with the Ouija board that was never properly closed.  If so, I will close it.  But I am not afraid.  And this is my whole point.  I actually have compassion for the Shadow People who dart and hide and live off of fear to the extent that THEY are afraid as well as have compassion for the spirits that meddled with my life because they felt threatened or were just that bored.   

This secure-feeling is the cross of blood on my door.  I have not been harmed beyond repair.  And with Christ I never will be.  


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