Friday, April 6, 2012

His Feet: The Silent Place

In "Swift to Shed Blood" the peace at Christ's feet is conveyed.  At His feet, the speaker has "found the better part . . . the silent place" (Beorh 11).

Mary Magdalen kissed Christ's feet, wiped her tears off of them with her hair, and anointed His feet with precious oil.  It is the ultimate act of humility and respect to be at someone's feet, the lowest part of His body, the part that hardly gets noticed, the dirty part, the sore part, maybe the wounded part.  She does this from her intense gratitude for being saved.  She weeps because the things she did she did not really want to do.  She did them out of hurt.  When Christ removed her hurt, she sought His feet.

This poem emulates this gratitude, this rest.  We go down to the very bottom, to the hardly-noticed place, once being not noticed ourselves, to connect.  To appreciate.  To rejuvenate.  It is quiet there.  The ground is still.  There are no eyes to shame or blame.  There is no blinding light.  You don't have to move.  You don't have to talk.  You don't have to see.  You can just be.  You can just bathe in the love that exists even there.